Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UI Pimpin'

The Qt widget contest results have been announced and although segway slipped away this time, we got our 15s of fame with AnalogPad!

But what I want to share here is the story behind our entry:
  • Most importantly: Although only my name is mentioned there, it was full teamwork with my brother Kim "The Webkit" Grönholm!
  • All started when I got backflash about the competition due after christmas and decided to hack 5-way analog navigator
  • I designed and implemented the thing for 2 evenings, it started to look OK but behaved badly...
  • Kimi offered to join the fun, although he happened to be in Korea(!) at the same time
  • So last 3 days before the due, I spent my evenings with this, sent sources to Kimi and received fresh code for next evening
  • I implemented mostly features, Kimi fixed them to work nicely and cleaned the code. Time difference between Finland and Korea didn't matter, it just added extra coolness into this co-operation as we worked kinda in two shifts!

And the rest is history... Project is now in Github and sources are GPLv3, so fork away!