Monday, October 19, 2009

WebKit on (multitouch) steroids!

While being in Maemo Summit or in Qt Developer Days, did you notice this guy below? Did you ask from him "Have you been working with multitouch-enabled WebKit lately?" Why not? ;-)

Kimi has been working in project called "Starlight" and part of the project is to bring multitouch into WebKit. So while you look at the video below and think "Hmm, just another multitouch photo rotate&scale demo..." please notice that this is all done inside browser with just HTML, CSS & JavaScript! In other words: It's just a normal web page without any black magic.

Starlight has now public website here, more videos available in here, and a developer guide with API & examples here.

Isn't it just convenient that this was published about simultaneously with the information that Maemo 6 will support multitouch... Sure beats my lame N810 multitouch hack! ;-)

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Raffael said...

Unfortunately, the starlight domain seems to be down. Can you provide any more information about the person that initialized the project?