Sunday, October 24, 2010

Qt Quick Game Programming

Are you interested about Qt Quick? Want to get jiggy with it and develop mad skillz? Wanna become first Qt Quick OVI Store millionaire? Good news, we have a (partial) solution!

We've been working with Qt Quick / QML for quite some time now and decided to write ~30 pages short tutorial which goes through step-by-step the implementation of 5-in-a-row game. My recommendation would be to read the tutorial while browsing game sources and reaching towards Qt Quick API documentation whenever interested in more details.

Download the "Qt Quick Game Programming" tutorial from here!


pbouda said...

Very cool, thanks a lot for this!

Kaitsu said...

pbouda: Thanks!

bobby mercer said...

This is a good QT Quick game programming tut. I've seen three others, and this one is the most concise and enjoyable.

ultramanjones said...

Your 5-in-a-row game tutorial was a great help in getting our new UI development up and running. Thanks a million, Kaitsu! I should have posted this months ago. Even months later this sort of comprehensive, full-blown example is hard to find. Invaluable.

Dan page said...

Hi, I am writing a blackberry 10 application where I want to integrate C++ and QML (for the UI part). Will this tutorial be useful/helpful to me? Thank you.
Best Regards.