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During the weekend I tested briefly QEdje 0.3.0, here are my thoughts: QZion canvas which is used for graphics rendering in QEdje has two implementations: QPainter based and QGraphicsView based, former being currently faster in embedded environments lacking FPU power. QZion API is still very light, containing basic canvas objects (rectangle, image, text) with under 2kLOC / implementation. QEdje is the real beef, containing parser for Edje theme files. What I like about Edje format is that it's not based on XML and it still gets compiled into binary mode when deploying, which should minimize the theming performance hit. I tested now only with provided samples, have to check how QEdje handles more complicated Edje themes. Thinking why Edje, Evas, E17 etc. haven't become more popular, is the reason technical, just (lack of) community or what? My ideas for QEdje developers would be to concentrate more on QGraphicsView backend as it offers more features and should get nice boost w

Summit #3

...bit late here, but summing up visually what I really learned during the Maemo summit trip. Watch out, there are bears also in Berlin! Although they seemed a bit more friendly and colorful than the ones living in our forests. If (when) aliens attack, c-base is the place to go to locate suitable guns. GYR1 is reserved for me! There are actually beer (ok, "beer") that I can drink!! Shopping and eating should be handled in public side of Berlin airport, as opposite to Helsinki where most of the shops appear after checking in. Doing this prevents situations where all you eat whole day is bread-based... Thanks to everybody attending and especially the ones who helped to organize the event!

Summit #2 (and Clutter)

As people have blogged (e.g. here & here ), maemo will get Clutter support! On related news, haven't had time to really hack clutteroad forward but last time I left it looking this:

Summit #1

Yes, summit has started and Ari's opening speech was promising, meaning the future of more open maemo and nokia! (..and that we should trust Yannick even though he is French and appeared late here.. ;-)

Maemo Summit

I'll be having my part of fun later this week as I'm also attending to Maemo Summit ! Together with Timo we'll arrive in Berlin on Thursday evening and leave on Saturday evening, so we should experience most of the scheduled sessions. By looking at the attendee list , there will be "long-time-no-see" -moments with many originals, but plenty of new faces have also appeared since my Ruoholahti-days. So waiting to meet you all!


Yep, I tested the Google  Crome and V8 also. But as there are so many reviews already floating in 'net, I'll just state: Google has entered nicely into browser war!