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Creating fluid user experiences

Recently we have been co-operating with Linja Design, brainstorming and prototyping UI/UX ideas. One of their concept is branded as "Zax 2.0", idea being to tilt the flickable area so that it reveals more content into the direction user is panning so he/she will see "further ahead". To understand what I'm talking about, please check this video . I know there already is Cooliris and friends using similar method, but do you think this could be utilized still a bit more? Where and how would you use this if it would be easily available in the platform? I'm open to all ideas and to prove it, show here a world premiere of "Powered by Zax 2.0" 5-in-a-row game in N900: (And no, game is not available from anywhere yet, just under construction ;-) )