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T61 + Hardy == Perfect match?

I have always been a bit "late adopter" when it comes to upgrading into newer distro. As a Ubuntu user I switched my laptop into Hardy-time ~2 weeks ago, and for all you Lenovo T61 users: It's worth it! Currently I have no problems whatsoever, slight annoyances with Gutsy (wlan disconnects, screen brightness, HW-keys, suspend) are all working and haven't even found any regressions... =) So I can fully recommend T61 as a nice Linux/Ubuntu workhorse for everyone, check ThinkWiki for configuration tips on different distros. Now I'd need to make a clean install for desktop PC as upgrading it all the way from Breezy means it's not as sleek and clean as it could be... Not sure if I'm brave enough to test the Kubuntu KDE4 Remix -version Timo kindly offered, we'll see!

GtkPerf & Qt

The reason why GtkPerf exists is that at that time I needed an easy tool to test the performance of GTK+ widgets & graphics. Mainly it was used to spot performance regressions and test how theme changes affected the performance, as well as different patches in GTK+. There has been some requests like this floating around: " Would you also make QtPerf, with similar widgets and features. This way it would be possible to make GTK+ vs. Qt testing... " Short answer: No A bit longer one: No, that would be bad and could lead into unneeded flamings Extensive answer: The actual result ( = score) of GtkPerf is quite meaningless as there are plenty of moving parts which affect to score. It would be totally possible to create similar application with Qt, using Qt widgets. But in wrong hands it could lead into "See, X-toolkit is faster than Y-toolkit, here are the results"-kind of things where X and Y can switch places based on the moon phase... So GtkPerf is mostly only us


Ah, how can I have survived my life without a Hackergotchi ! When inspiration strikes, I might try more cartoonish version and learn to use Inkscape like here .

Qt & N810

Aamos (just like his father) has always been into Gnomes , but for the past months he has started digging also Trolls. As a fee-minded father I have decided to let him play with them (Trolls don't bite, do they?), within certain boundaries. After all, you can't decide what/who you wanna hack with when you are older unless you try, right? Aamos is still too young to sit (babies should not be standing/sitting on their own until ~3 months old), so today he decided to test Qt in his N810 using QTablet . This allowed him to enjoy Colliding Mice while laying on his playing carpet. I'm quite positive that after this he will open terminal in N810 and use vi to create some cool experiments testing the limits of Qt 4.4 in N810!


Pros: Able to reveal for world what you're thinking & doing (like someone is reading...) Everybody does it Take a break from hectic work Cons: Might reveal something semi-confidential (so stay tuned! ;-) Everybody does it Your brake from work results to hectic increase.. Result: Bloggin is so 90's but so am I -> Here we go! [ * ]