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Qt5 Cinematic Experience

During the past ~20 months I've made several blog posts about Qt5, QML Scene Graph, shaders and whatnot. As Qt5 beta is getting reeeeally close, I thought this would be a good time for a fresh Qt5 technology demo. This one is called 'Cinematic Experience' and looks a bit like this: (best viewed in HD ) Cinematic Experience collects many of the new Qt5 QtQuick 2.0 features into the same UX demo application. It uses particles, sprites, path animation, custom shaders etc. features which Qt5 introduces for QML UIs. As usual, source codes are available from here . Performance note: The GPU in N9 (SGX530, released Jul 2005) is showing its age. Especially fragment shaders need to be very conservative as the GPU just isn't powerful enough for the N9 screen resolution. To get the application perform in N9, some optimizations were required like disabling the normal-mapping lighting and reducing the amount of fog particles. As seen in the video, after these tw