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FitGraph NG UI prototype

About a month ago I started exercising more, mostly jogging, weights and soccer (with kids). Target is to be in superb shape when 2018 starts, and I'm already feeling stronger & more energetic during the day so looking good! Anyway, this blog post is somewhat related to that. There's plenty of health-related apps and gadgets available these days and in the past I used some time pondering what would be a perfect activity tracking app for my needs. Now I decided to revive this earlier concept as 'FitGraph NG' while porting it to use QNanoPainter and polishing some parts. As usual, let's start with a video demonstrating the actual application: There would of course be more views available, this being just the 'activity timeline' part, but it would already cover many of my initial wishes: Showing the whole day as a graph, data or textually depending on needs. Automatic annotation of activities, type, duration and related activity data. And impo

Unity testing

Couple weeks ago I decided to study a bit about Unity  as I haven't worked with it before. So implemented a simple "Rock Rolling in Terrain" game prototype as a case study, looking like this: By coincidence Marko also just made a nice blog post related to Unity , and thanks to standard assets his terrain even looks quite similar to mine so not going to repeat similar notes. But all in all my initial feeling is that Unity seems quite productive environment and wouldn't mind implementing some bigger project with it to get deeper.