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Qt 5.10 Windows Rendering Benchmarks

At the end of the previous blog post  I promised to do a follow-up about Windows side rendering performance. So here we go. But before that, let's revisit one earlier case. Previously decided to provide results with and without "Bezier lines" test because it seemed to perform particularly poorly when rendered using QML Shape backend. Instead of just letting this one go, I decided to dig a bit deeper to try to improve QML Shape performance. After all, just disabling slow tests doesn't sound like a preferred long-term plan... ;-) Improving QML Shape paths performance After some trial and error, found out that QQuickPath::createPath() uses considerable amount of time every time path changes and reason is in QPainterPath::length() which e.g. for all curved paths calls QBezier::length(). This isn't usually problem for PathView  as its normal use-case is creating path once and then just moving elements along the path. But new ShapePath  on the other hand might be