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N810 Multitouch F-F-F-Fun

I'm back from vacation, summer went fast as always! Tried to stay away from computers, spending the time with family & friends and enjoying the weather while it lasts... But I did have little coding fun also, testing how well "multitouch" would work in N810 ;-) Here comes video: Update: Like all respected magicians, I'll show how this trick works for the ones who didn't already know the behavior of (resistive, single-touch) touchscreens under multiple touches. As thp first commented, it is "using the 'merged' blob position that you get with the single touch screen and interpreting it as the middle of two or more equal-pressure points". Now here is a video showing the same demo in PC, with "cheat mode" turned on: So it's mostly useless... but somewhat f-f-f-fun :)