T61 + Hardy == Perfect match?

I have always been a bit "late adopter" when it comes to upgrading into newer distro. As a Ubuntu user I switched my laptop into Hardy-time ~2 weeks ago, and for all you Lenovo T61 users: It's worth it! Currently I have no problems whatsoever, slight annoyances with Gutsy (wlan disconnects, screen brightness, HW-keys, suspend) are all working and haven't even found any regressions... =)

So I can fully recommend T61 as a nice Linux/Ubuntu workhorse for everyone, check ThinkWiki for configuration tips on different distros.

Now I'd need to make a clean install for desktop PC as upgrading it all the way from Breezy means it's not as sleek and clean as it could be... Not sure if I'm brave enough to test the Kubuntu KDE4 Remix -version Timo kindly offered, we'll see!


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