The 0.8 version of Clutter is coming out soonish from the excellent ohand people, containing again massive improvements! I started to love Clutter when 0.2 was released ~1.5 years ago, it was just so easy to create functional & eye candy applications with its refreshingly clean API.

All started with the question "How can one make effect [XYZ] using GTK+?" and after some pondering my answer was "You can't"... Of course these requested things would have been possible with Cairo (too low-level, hard & slow) and/or "just" forking GTK+ and adding ugly magic which would make it API&ABI incompatible with 2.x (no-no-no). After some studying Clutter appeared to be the best candidate for the job, and I had a lot of fun with it during 0.2-0.4 versions. Sadly GTK+ hasn't progressed much since then when it comes to GUIs, layouts & theming are quite static, timeline is not in, no native canvas etc. Luckily offscreen rendering is progressing in trunk and GTK+ 3.x work is going on so we have hope for sweeter future =)

Anyway, I've been spending recently most of the hacking time with Qt (and btw liking what trolls have done with Graphics View Framework in 4.4) but wanna-wanna-wanna refresh myself also with Clutter now when 0.8 comes out!


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