So as expected, I gave Clutter 0.8 a little test drive. Literally... =)

Going to add a bit more eye candy in there and push Clutter API further, we'll see what comes out. Currently the biggest problem is collision detection, tried to utilize:

  • clutter_stage_get_actor_at_pos() - Separated road & background into own images/actors, but having a problem that clutter_stage_get_actor_at_pos() doesn't seem to ignore the transparent part of the image in picking.

  • clutter_stage_read_pixels() - The RGBA color could be used to see if car is on grass (green) or on road (brown). But for some reason the outcome was not clear, even when making sure the pixel is taken next to car (not _from_ the car) and driving on top of a black&white chess board...

Collisions to other cars etc. should not be a problem with clutter_stage_get_actor_at_pos() but what could be cleanest way to detect the track? Flash has hitTest for this.


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