Snowtter + Merry Xmas!

We released today a small application called "Snowtter" to bring N900 users that "Xmas is here, time to relax and enjoy!" - feeling. Basically it just shows Twitter messages related to holiday times, floating around with snowflakes & accelerometer support. But it's the idea that counts, right? =)

If you want to see this in your N900:
  1. Make sure that you have the necessary Qt libraries installed (libqt4-gui, libqt4-network, libqt4-xml, libqt4-opengl). Qt 4.5 will do, but for better performance and graphics quality Qt 4.6 is highly recommended! (Instructions on how to install latest Qt 4.6 packages from extras-devel here)
  2. Download the application package from here
  3. Install the package with "dpkg -i snowtter_1.0_armel.deb". So ssh connection, sudo gainroot or red-pill-mode required (no install-file available for now, sorry)

Thanks to all the cool Maemo/Nokia/Qt people for this year and Merry Xmas For Everyone!


Marius Gedminas said…
*Please* upload it to Extras-devel!
Jussi Pasanen said…
That's pretty cool, well done!
Maybe you should add some cheesy xmas tunes, too :)

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
The package doesn't work with the qt4.6 packages when installed as described on the wiki page. They don't seem to provide the correct dependencies.

To solve this either the qt packages need to provide also libqt4-* or the package should be happy with the libqt4-maemo5-* packages.
Marius: Thanks, need to check at some point how to work with extras-devel

Jussi: Cheesy xmas tune was indeed under consideration ;-)

Anonymous: True, it depended on libqt4-xxx packages but the startup script uses libqt4-maemo5-xxx libraries from /opt/qt4-maemo5 in case they are available. Updated now 1.0-2 package with libqt4-maemo5-xxx | libqt4-xxx dependencies so it installs now OK also with only Qt 4.6 packages. Just remember not to mix&match, install either all Qt 4.5 packages or all Qt 4.6 packages...
Anonymous said…
My brother, the genius! :) :) :)

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