Desktop widgets with Qt & QML

Writing desktop widgets for N900 using Qt is now possible, as Harald Fernengel explained yesterday in Qt Labs.

What I wanted to test based on this is that can desktop widgets be made also using QML? So I hacked together a Clock widget and with the similar technique also slightly modified Samegame widget:

Source code for the simple clock is available in my Gitorious branch so everyone can test and start to build cool Qt QML widgets in no time!


VDVsx said…
WoW, simple & awesome :)
Henrik Hartz said…
Nice!!! I guess you didn't read, but thank you anyway :)
Valério: Thanks!

Henrik: It's you (and rest of the Qt/Nokia) who make these things so easy and fun. We are just waiting for a fixed maemo declarative package including latest Qt 4.7 changes and then release more QML stuff, this time something a bit nicer... I don't really do twitter, blogs and planets are more for me so next time you have some request please blog about it or just email me directly! ;-P

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