We released today a game called 5-in-a-row. It's implemented with Qt Quick / QML and designed for 2 players playing next to each other:

Want it? Package for N900 as well as source codes are available from here!


Anonymous said…
Wow thanks. Try doing something a little more technically challenging...like port Call of Duty Modern Warfare to it. Why do we have all these 2d games that cannot even stimulate me to being half-limp? Anybody else think this type of stuff is a freaking joke?
Anonymous: Hmm.. Please understand that the point of this example is not to compete with Call of Duty Modern Warfare -type of "real" games. It's just ~800 lines of QML =)

I hope companies will port more games into N900 & MeeGo, but I also want to see much more all sorts of content. Qt Quick is great for lowering the bar in becoming a developer, without sacrificing performance.
Anonymous said…
I tried to "compile" myself but it can not find qml files in my Windows environment.

My Documents/_misc_docs/5-in-a-row-build-desktop/content/MainView.qml: File not found

and this is because the path should be:

My Documents\_misc_docs\5-in-a-row-build-desktop\content\MainView.qml

how do I fix this? Allready tried to edit .pro file without much luck. Best solution would be [MHO] do project files that work on both environments.

How about doing tutorial on that?
Anonymous: I don't use windows environment so haven't tested how 5inarow works in there, sorry.

But one cause for not finding qml files (other than \ vs. / ) is that recent Qt Creator versions have enabled "shadow build" by default which causes building to "5-in-a-row-build-desktop" instead of original directory. This should be disabled from Projects tab to get things working.
Anonymous said…
>>This should be disabled from Projects tab to get things working.

Tried and now it works. Thank you \o/

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